The Wingfield Immigration Register (WIR) – AD 2002 Edition

Wingfield Immigrants in the Americas & Elsewhere 1607-1948

(Emigrants from the British Isles)

Compiled by LeBron Preston (California) & Jocelyn Wingfield (England)

© The WFS (Wingfield Family Society), 2002


This Register (formerly called WAIL) lists emigrants from the British Isles (Britain & Ireland) arriving in the Americas, Australasia & Elsewhere 1607-1948:

     Part 1 --- The Americas (North/South/Central America & the West Indies/Caribbean)

     Part 2A - Australia & New Zealand

     Part 2B - Africa (Tangier/Morocco, Zimbabwe/Rhodesia, S. Africa, St. Helena).

     Part 2C - The Rest of the World (Burma/Myanmar, continental Europe, Gibraltar, Greece, India, Pakistan, Portugal & Turkey).


     The WIR has been compiled from records of all sorts including:

·          Peter W. Coldham, Bonded Passengers… in Colonial America (1938) and other books.

·          P.W.M. Filby, ed, Passenger Immigration Lists (Detroit, 1980s on)

·          John C. Hotten, Original Lists of Passengers of Quality, and Others who went to the American Plantations, 1600-1720 (Baltimore, 1986)

·          Nell M. Nugent, Cavaliers and Pioneers – Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, 1623-1666 (Richmond, 1977; Baltimore, 1969)

as well as Calendars of State papers, censuses, land records, wills, family letters, family pedigrees, etc.

     While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the entries, it must be remembered that in early Virginia often a head right (land) was claimed for a name shown on a ship’s manifest, even if the would-be immigrant had died en route.

     The WIR, which is periodically updated, usually annually, should be of interest not only to genealogists and historians, but also to all WFS members, since most entries tell a fascinating story in themselves.  We expect to add many more post-1914 entries in due course – especially for Australia and Canada. Members who wish to point out any errors or omissions are asked to notify the compilers via the Editor of the WFS Newsletter.

Key to Abbreviations: b. = born; BC = British Columbia; BDEV = Biological Dictionary of Early Virginia, 1607-60; BL = British Library; c. = christened; ca. = about; Co. = County; CRO = County Record Office; CSP = Calendar of State Papers; d. = died; dau. = daughter; DNB = Dictionary of National Biography; dsp = died without issue; dvsp. = died before father; f = folio; GRO = General Register Office; Genex = Genealogical Exchange in WFS Newsletter; IBRR = Index to British Regimental Registers, Overseas, 1761-1924 (GRO); IGI = International Genealogical Index of the Latter Day Saints; IO = India Office (London); Lib. = Book (Liber); m. = married; MI = Monumental Inscription; NRSI = No record if settled or had issue; NSW = New South Wales, Australia; NZ = New Zealand; p. = page; pp. = pages; PROB = probate; q. = quoted; s. = site where first recorded; vol. = volume; W. = Wingfield; WA = Western Australia; WI = West Indies; (+) shown after a date denotes “or possibly a little later”; Þ denotes new addition made in this Edition.


Part 1 – The Americas

1607. Captain Edward-Maria Wingfield, Esquire, Jamestown, Virginia, of Stonely Priory, Huntingdonshire, first president of Jamestown, Virginia, returned England 1608, d. ca. 1620. No known descendants.

1621. Robert Wingfield, convict, s. Virginia (Coldham II, p.295; Filby, p.23). Not in Virginia census of 1623.

1623. Mr. Richard Winckfield, Esquire, of London, stockholder and land-holder, Virginia Company (BDEV, p.66; Kingsbury III, p. 66).[i] 

1636. Thomas Wingfeild, plus ten others, s. New Poquoson River, Virginia (now York Co). Transported by West, Sep 23,  imported by Walter Hacker, and was given 600 acres in Charles River County, Virginia. (Gary Parks, Virginia Land Records, p.659,#400; Nugent, p.49; Sherman, American Colonist, p.33). No proven descendants.

1642. Mar 7. William Wingfield, impecunious Gent, with his wife, his mother, two sisters and three children were granted by the “House of Lords” ‘passes’ for their peaceable passage abroad. They were being moved from Parish to Parish in Essex. (Record in the House of Lords, not seen by compilers. Info from J.G.Wingfield of CA).  

1648. Nicholas Winfield, s. Virginia, debtor, of York Co. (Biog. Dict. of Early Virginia, 1607-60, pp. 32, 337, 419).

1651. William Winfield, alias Winifield s. York Co. Virginia, imported by Batten. (Nugent, I, p.216).

1652. Christopher Wingfield s. Virginia. (Filby IV, 1982-85 Addition #6220 p. 364). Same as 1657?

1654. "Mr. Wingfield" s. Surry Co., Virginia. Paid a bill of £260 to Theodore Bland. (Surry Co. Deeds and Wills, 1659, p.137. q. in BDEV, A0012).[ii]

1657. Christopher Wingfield s. York Co. Virginia, imported by Oatley. (Nugent, I, p. 364; Filby).

1658. John Winfield of "Winfield Trouble," 200-acre plantation on Chesapeake Bay, Calvert County, Maryland and "Winfield" land on Little Choptank, same county.  Immigrated 1658 (Maryland Records, Liber).

1659. Thomas Winfield, transported, s. Maryland (Skordas, Lib. 6, p.514, f.81).

1664.  Thomas Smith alias Wingfield of London released January 21 from Newgate Prison to be transported to Barbados (The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1661-1699, 1990, p. 59, by Peter W. Coldham, Genealogical Publishing Company). Listed as "Smyth alias Swingfield, Thomas" in Peter W. Coldham's "The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage, 1614-1775," p. 743.

1668. William Winfeild, s. Gloucester Co., Virginia, imported by Richard Lee. (Nugent, II, p.61)[iii]

1668-1698. John Whinfield, s. Lower Norfolk Co., Virginia. (McIntosh, "Brief Abstract of Lower Norfolk and Norfolk Co.  Wills, 1637-1710," pp. 28, 41, 43, 110, 153, 154, 166, 168 & 197; Nugent II, p. 218).[iv]

1673. Anthony Wingfield, s. Port Royal, Jamaica, brother of Harbottle Wingfield II of Crowfield (see 1674-76), Clerk of the Interior Court of Common Pleas until 1674. (Patents Liber, p.6, 322, (1675); CSP America & West Indies, London, 1689, p.1673, #1120).

1673. George Wingfield, s. Piscataway, New Jersey, held 62 acres. (Monnette, First Settlers of Ye Plantations of Piscataway & Woodbridge, Olde East New Jersey, 1664-1714, pp.59,74,78,97).

1674. Sarah Winkfield, transported, s. Maryland (Skordas, Lib. 18, p.5114, f.291).

1674-75. Feb 15th, Christopher Winkfield purchased from Thomas Oliver a plantation in Five Islands Division, Antigua, with all thereunto belonging.  (Vere Langford Oliver, The History of Antigua from 1635, II, London, 1896, p.330, Society of Genealogists[REC1] ).[v]

1674-76. Harbottle Wingfield II, s. Port Royal (P. R.), Jamaica and 1000-acre Montego River Plantation (1675). [vi]   (See also 36 Anecdotes, WFS, 1994, #21).

1675. Jane Wingfield, s. Maryland, (Filby: Gust Skordas, ed., Early Settlers of Maryland, Index Names of Immigrants, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1995, p.514).

1677. John Wingfield, s. Barbados, West Indies, probably Speightstown, St Peters, mentioned in Barbados will as son-in-law of George and Margaret Nore. (Joanne M. Sanders, Birth Records, Wills and Admins 1, 1639-80, pp.258,259; III, 1701-25, pp.46-47).[vii]

1677-78. Sergeant Wingfield, s. Nevis, West Indies with wife Maria, son and dau. (Vere L. Oliver, Caribbeana, 6 vols, 1910-1919, III, pp.27,29, Guildhall Library).[viii] 

1679-80. John Wingfeild, s. Barbados, soldier in the militia company of Col. Richard Baylie, (Brandow's Omitted Chapters of Hotten's, p. 131.) [ix]

1680. Thomas Wingfield, s. York River, Virginia (Nugent II, p. 215).[x] 

1683. Martha Winfield arrived in South Carolina pre-7th Nov. Connect 1677-78, 1694 entries. (Peter F. Campbell, 1991).  

1684. Mr Serjeant Winfield, Jr. arrived South Carolina pre-6th Sep. from New Providence, Bahamas. Possibly ex-Barbados. See 1677-78 entry. No Wingfields were shown in Barbados 1715 census. (Peter F. Campbell, 1991).[xi] 

1686. Henry Winkfield imported by John Suggett of (Old) Rappahannock Co., Virginia (Rappahannock Co., VA., COB 1 Sep 1686, p. 244, listed in Sparacio's Virginia Co. Court Records, Order Book Abstracts of (Old) Rappahannock Co., VA, 1685-87, p. 54, Antient Press, 1990).

1687. Alice Wingfeild, s. Henrico Co, Virginia, imported by Bridgewater (Nugent II, p.307).

1690. Augt. Wingfeild s. (Old) Rappahannock Co. Virginia, imported by Deane & Clapham. (Nugent II, p.345).[xii]

1690-1700. Sir Arthur Wingfeild, s. Stoneham, Massachusetts. “Lots of descendants in USA.” No Sir Arthur Wingfield in English records. (Sherwood, American Colonists, BL).

1691. William Wingfield, in/off New York, surgeon of the ship Archangel (CSP Americas & WI, 1689-92, #1459). No record he disembarked.  

1693. Gilbert Wingfeild, with wife and 5 children, s. Mattaponi River, Virginia,  King & Queen Co., Virginia, imported by Storey. (Nugent II, p.382).[xiii]

1694. Mrs. Sarah Wingfield s. South Carolina pre-28th March (P.F.Campbell, 1991).

1695 (-). Richard aka Rutsert Winfield, b. in/near Derby, co. Derby in 1665 or ca. 1665-70, s. at Shawangunk, NY near Galeville in or before 1695. Called Rutsert Wintfeld aka Windfeld in Dutch-language records, m. at Kingston, New York, Jan. 12, 1696, Magdaleena Decker nee Schutt (family immigrated ex-Ehrungen. Germany, 1647). (Major J.R.Couplin, Winfields of Orange & Ulster Counties, NY, in Yesteryears, NY Register of History, Genealogy & Archaeology, vol.9,#35, Mar. 1966, 10,#39, Mar.1967; 10, #40, Jun.1967; Kingston, NY, Marriages 1695-96, p.512).

1697. James Wingfield, master of ship, "Elizabeth & Judith," bound from Liverpool to Virginia. (“The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1661-1699," p. 671, P. W. Coldham, General Publishing Company).

1697 & 1701-04. Lt. George Wingfield sought appointment in vain as Governor of Montserrat, or of St. Kitts. (CSP America & West Indies, pp. 35, 454, 467, 509, 542, 554, 556, 557, 581, 829). Believed to be Worcester Branch. No record he ever came to Americas.

1698. James Winkfield mentioned 6 times 1698/99 in Richmond County (formerly "Old" Rappahannock Co.) Virginia. Three of those involved a John Baker and an Andrew Cromwell. (Richmond County, Virginia, COB 1698/99, pp. 345, 358, 381, 421, 444 & 450, listed in Sparacio's Virginia County Court Records, Order Book Abstracts of Richmond County, Virginia, 1697/99, pp. 66, 77, 94, 103 & 106, Antient Press, 1991.)[xiv]

1701. Anne Winfeild, s. Charles City Co., Virginia. (Nugent III, p.51).

1703. John Winfeild s. Princess Anne Co. Virginia, imported by John Hopkins (not the John Hopkins of Hanover, Virginia).  (Nugent III, page 68).

1709. William Wingfield, per ship “Tabitha & Priscilla,” from Liverpool to Virginia (Coldham, The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1700-1750, p. 109; PRO: E 190/1375/9).

1709. Martha Winkfield/Winfield, s. Boston, from Rappahannock River, Virginia (Boston Massachusetts, Wills, 22nd July, 1709) also see entries 1677, 1677-78, 1684, d. in Boston.[xv]  

1713. Lucy  Winfeild, s. Isle of Wight Co., Virginia. ( Nugent III, p.137).

1716. William Wingfield & Co., on ship Britannia, from Liverpool to Boston (Coldham, The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1700-1750, p.191; PRO: E 190/1391/9).[xvi]

1722. William Winfield, s. Annapolis, Maryland, (Original Lists of Emigrants in Bondage, Baltimore, 1967, p.173, Bonded Passengers III, p. 165).

1722. Thomas Winfeild, died in Virginia. Not the same as Thomas Wingfield of York River who died about the same time. (PROB 11-584, p.150, PRO London).[xvii]

1725. Charles Wingfield of Wapping, Middlesex, sugar baker, age 20, to serve 4 years in Jamaica. (Coldham Emigrants, 1700-1750, 1992, p.347; CLRO: ATSM/120-123).

1730. William Wingfield, on ship Hannah & Susan, Newcastle to Boston. He was ship's captain (Coldham, The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1700-1750, p.382; PRO: E 190/233/6).  Possibly he is the Capt. Wingfield who sailed in 1733 with (?) Capt. Cussens ex-Boston, MA, bound for London, whose ships, with others, were dispersed on June 30 by a hurricane, to respectively Saba and Nevis {Pennsylvania Gasette, 1724-48, q. in Genex #11-1-2).

1736. Richard Wingfield, s. Annapolis, Maryland. (Bonded Passengers III, p.165, IX, p.59).

1738. Richard Wingfield, of Ospringe, Kent, husbandman, age 26, to serve 4 years in Jamaica. (Coldham, The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1700-1750, p.554; CLRO: ATSM/74, 76-80).

1739. John Wingfield, at Newfoundland, Canada, was ship's master, unlikely came ashore (CSP).

1740s. Rev. John Wingfield "Due to sail to Americas." (Fulham (=F. Palace) Papers XXXVIII, pp.32a XXXIX, p.18). No evidence he arrived in America.  

1744. Ensign George Wingfield to America with Wentworth's Regiment of Foot (24th, SWB), d. of scurvy at or offshore Prince Rupert's Bay, Dominica, Caribbean, en route from Plymouth, England to Jamaica. (Gentleman’s Magazine. Yet listed as 1741 in Atkins, History of 24th Regt., pp.48,95).  

1746. James Wingfield, convict from Norfolk, England, sentenced to 14 years for stealing a mare (Bonded Passengers, VII, p.46).

1748-49. Ann Wingfield per ship "Laura." (Bonded Passengers, II, p.295).

1764. William Wingfield from Middlesex, England on ship "Tryal." (Bonded Passengers, II, p.295),

1764. George Winfield arrived New World. (Clifford Neal Smith, British Deportees to America, Pt. 2, 1764-1765, McNeal, Arizona, 1978, p.79).

1765. James Wingfield, convict from Norfolk, England (Bonded Passengers VII, p.46). Unrecorded sentence for stealing some cloth.

1767. Rev. T. Wingfield, DUE to sail to South Carolina (Fulham Papers XXIII, p.327). No evidence arrived in America.

1773. June. Samuel Wingfield, transported to Virginia by Alexander Campbell of Prince William County.  ( courtesy of q. in WFS GenEx 15-2-4). Conceivably (1) son (34) of Francis & Sarah Wingfield, c. 1739 at Sutton-cum-Duckmanton, Co.Derby, or (2) son (23) of Francis & Anne Wingfield c. 1757 also at Sutton, or (3) son (20) of John Wingfield c. 1753 at Ecclesfield, Yorks.  

1773. William Wingfield, 30 year old husbandman from Berkshire, (bonded servant, 4 years), 1 to 18 Dec. 1773, on "Elizabeth," s. Virginia.  (Filby; Fothergill, Emigrants from England, pp.4,5, Sherwood, p.33).

      1804/13. Capt., (later Maj.) R. J. Wingfield of the 1st then 8th West India Regiment (CSP America & WI, 1809, Dalton Army Lists 1802-13; A. B. Ellis, History of the WI Regiment, London, 1885). See 36 Anecdotes, WFS, 1994, #27.

1813-16. Lt. David Wingfield, R. N. of Stroud, Gloucestershire on Naval service, Lake Huron, Canada (Add MS 38054, British Museum, f.336; MSGrp24, F18, Public Archives, Ottawa; 36 Anecdotes, WFS, 1994, #29).[xviii] See Part 2C, 1883.

      1826-28. Lt., (later Major-General) Charles William Wingfield, Royal Horse Artillery. In Canada, including Quebec. (Grace Wingfield, Our Past, 1901, pp. 54-55).[xix]

1829. Reginald Wingfield b. or c. in Nova Scotia, Canada. Father in Royal Artillery. Brother of William Wingfield (see Part IIC, 1832). (IBRR, vol.1586, #3349, p.13).

1830. (ca.). Catherine Wingfield of Co. Mayo, Ireland, landed at Quebec, Canada, m. man holding office in or near Boston. She was sought Sep.12, 1846 by tavern-keeper F.A. McGill of Hamilton, Canada West. (Boston Pilot, I, p.164, q. in Genex #11-1-5).

1831-62. Rowland Wingfield s. Kingston, then to Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada, Onslow Branch, d.

1882, location unknown. (Harvard Library 104780, pp.1-51; 36 Anecdotes, WFS, 1994, #31 ).[xx]

       1832-41. Major (later Lt.Col.) Thomas Henry Wingfield, DCLI (Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, 1900, p.53; Army List; Grace Wingfield, Our Past, 1900).[xxi]

       Pre-1833-41. Major Clopton L. Wingfield of Onslow (Shopshire line) s. Kingston and Quebec, with wife Jane nee Mitchell (d. Quebec, Jul 7, 1936) and babies Walter Clopton Wingfield (invented Tennis in 1874) and Jane Anne Wingfield, b. Kingston 1836).

1836. John G. Wingfield, s. Texas. (Filby). Probably an “internal immigrant.”

       1846-51 (date unclear). Cuerly Wingfield, farmer, 30, male, and Ann Wingfield, farmer, 28, per ship “Triton” ex-Dublin, Ireland, s. New York City. (Filby & Myers, Famine Immigrants, Passenger & Immigrant Lists, Supplement III R2, 1991-95, p. 2686).

1847. Alexander H. Wingfield (b. High Blantyre, Scotland Aug 1, 1828) s. Hamilton, ONT, Canada, ex-Glasgow (working in a factory at 10) & 3 years at Auburn, NY. (DNB Canada).[xxii]

1850 (pre-). William Winfield, 53 (b.1797), shoemaker, s. with wife, Maria (46, b. England) in Oswego/NY (Williamsport). (1850 Census, p.209, HH 27, from FHL Film #444294 q. in WFS GenEx 15-2-2. Also in the household was William Ball, 17, b. NY, relationship, if any, unknown). Possibly Wm, son of George & Mary, c. Aug.25, 1797 at Fulbeck, Lincs or Wm, son of Job & Elizabeth, c. May 14, 1797 at Ruddington, Notts.

1850. C. Wingfield, arrived Colma, California (Lois J. Rasmussen, San Francisco Ship Passenger List II, Colma, California, San Francisco Historical Records, 1969, p.21).

1851/55. George Wingfield, 31 (b.1829), dye sinker, & wife Sara, 28 & son Alfred, 9 (b.1851, England) s. by 1860 Census in NYC, 20th Ward, District 1. (pp.303, 741, family #2311, from FHL film 803817 q. in WFS GenEx 15-2-3. Other children: Mary, 5, Ida, 4, and George Wingfield, 2, all b. NY). Possibly son of George and Mary Wingfield c.Oct 5, 1829 at Gainsborough, Lincs, or George Winkfield, son of Francis & Elizabeth Winkfield, c. July 5, 1829 at Hedgerley, Bucks.

1863. Isabella nee McKenzie b. ca. 1805, of Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland, widow of James Wingfield, weaver, plus their 6 children,[xxiii] per ship “St. George” ex-Glasgow, Scotland, to Quebec, Canada, s. Ontario. Also Isabella’s grandson, George Gordon Wingfield, b. May 30, 1859 at Burbank, Hamilton, Scotland, s. in Ontario. GGW’s line continued at Peel County, Ont. (D.Whyte, Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada before Confederation, I, 1896, pp. 257, 427, 429 q. in WFS Newsletter, Genex 11-1-1).

 1874. (George) Arthur Wingfield, s. San Francisco, CA., (Grace Wingfield, Our Past, 1900, Appx. III, p.1).[xxiv]

1881. James Wingfield, age 35, arrived at the Port of Halifax aboard the “Moravian.” (National Archives of Canada, Micro#C-4511, page 2, as listed on the, q. in WFS Newsletter, GenEx 14-3-1, Summer 2000, p.26).  Possibly the James Wingfield, son of Alfred Smith Wingfield & Ann Wingfield, May 28, 1845, c. at St. Phillip’s Birmingham, Warwickshire (now W. Midlands). (IGI).

1888/96. John Leslie Wingfeild of Bray near Powerscourt, Co. Wicklow, Ireland, to San Jose, CA. with wife Laura Elsner (m. 1880, Dublin) and dau. Gladys Vivian Laura Wingfield, b.1884. (Letters held by Jocelyn R. Wingfield).[xxv] 

1893. Charles Francis (“Frank”) Rowland Wingfield, Anglo-Indian, b. July 11, 1870, son of Anthony W, Madras Light Infantry, s. Hollywood, California, (Onslow Branch) from Llanwchairn, Wales. (Charles Wingfield of Onslow, correspondence with Mrs. Rose, daughter of Frank Wingfield, ca. 1949; India Office, sub “Ant. W., 1863).[xxvi]

1894. George Gordon Wingfield s. at (& m. Mary Beamish at) Burbank, Ontario. Perhaps kin of George Gordon Wingfield who in 1852 m. Eliza Wingfield at Hamilton, LKS, Scotland. (IGI).

1899(+). Henry Wingfield (son of William b. ca. 1877 & Eleanor nee Ellis Wingfield m. Poplar, London), grandson of William Winfield (no “g” – c. ca. 1797, at Ripley, Co.Derby) & Henry’s wife, nee Clifton, s. in Toronto, Canada. Ripley is 4-6 miles from south Wingfield, Crich and Wirksworth (WFS communication from L.Sweeney of Yorks, great great niece of Henry, Feb.4, 2001; & see Links, WFS, 1992, #7).

Pre-1900. John A. Wingfield, b. 1853, Wales, living in Santa Clara Co., CA in 1900 Census. (Vol.41, E. D. 80, Sheet 4, House 219).

Pre-1900. James Wingfield, b. 1865 in Canada, living in Cook Co., Illinois in 1900 Census. (Vol.51, E. D. 718, Sheet 4, line 8, House 291).

Pre-1900. William Wingfield, b. 1867 in England, living in McHenry Co., Illinois in 1900 Census. (Vol.115, E. D. 147, Sheet 16, line 62). [xxvii]

Pre-1900. William Wingfield, b. England 1848, living in Howard Co., Missouri in 1900 Census, wife Hannah, b. England, 1849.  (Vol. 39, E. D. 70, Sheet 28, line 1.)[xxviii]

Pre-1900. J. H. Wingfield, b. 1870 in Russia, living in King Co., Washington in 1900 Census. (Vol. 7, E. D. 95, Sheet 10, line 81).

Pre-1900. William H. Wingfield, b.1852 (in England, probably of St. George's Hanover Square, a smart district of London, a parish containing Powerscourt Ws, Barrington Ws and W-Digby Wingfields, born in Nov-Dec, probably Dec, as a possible twin brother of Mary Ann and brother of Honora Emily b. Apr 1852), living in Sonoma Co., California in 1900 Census. (Vol. 45, E. D. 167, Sheet 16, line 96, House 803).

Ca. 1900/1918? Six of the children (all born at Bethnal Green, London) of Arthur John Wingfield (b. Bethnal Green, Oct 24, 1851, m. Jane Sherry at South Hackney, London, Mar 14, 1875, d. Mar 6, 1909 in England) s. in Canada. (Information courtesy of Don Wingfield):

(1)     John Henry Wingfield (b. Jan 4, 1876, m. Alice P. Dimbleby at Wanstead, Essex, June 30, 1897, d. Jan 1963 at Nanaimo, BC (British Columbia), Canada. Line continues in Saskatchewan, including at Yellow Grass, Regina, Melfort, Kinistino, & in Vancouver, BC.

(2)     Arthur Sherry Wingfield, b. Feb 1, 1879, d. Mar 15, 1963 at Fernie, BC. See Part 2A, 1850/56.

(3)     William Alfred Wingfield, b. Aug 7, 1884, m. Winifred E. Waterfield 1912 in England, d. May 26, 1975 at Surry, BC.

(4)     Lucy Mary Wingfield, b. Sep 11, 1888, d. May 21, 1981 at Fernie, BC.

(5)     Charles Albert Wingfield, b. May 10, 1891, d. May 8, 1969 at Maple Creek, Saskatchewan.

(6)     Walter Roland Wingfield, b. Apr 19, 1893, m. Marie Simmons Sep 1, 1917 in London, England, d. 1981 at Victoria, BC.

1910. William Henry Wingfield, s. Dunnville, Ontario, Canada, & some of his family, from St John's Parish, Loughton, Essex (WFS database, #4161).[xxix]  

1912. Albert or Bert Wingfield, Jr., with two sons per ship "Island of King" from England, s. in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. (1987 letter to WFS from daughter-in-law, Louise Therault Wingfield of Montreal (72 in 1987), who m. one immigrant son after 1914).[xxx]

1948. Dudley & Helen Wingfield with Michael, Jo Anne & John (Berks Line) s. at --, Canada. (LINKS, WFS, #2.2).



Part 2A – Australia and  New Zealand

N.B. (a.). Where no source is shown, see Links, WFS, 1992, #1.  (b) In the later 1800s a ship named “Wingfield” transported emigrants from Bristol (England) to NZ.

Þ1808. James Winkfield aka Hinton or Kirton transported per ship “Gambler” to Australia, after being found guilty of larceny and being sentenced on April 13, 1807 in Lynn (now Kings Lynn), Norfolk.  Lynn Assizes covered Holt, Lynn, Swaffham & Walsingham.  (Transportations N-Z, to Australia, 1788-1842, p.74, Norfolk; Genex 15-3-1).

1820. June 17. Elizabeth Wingfield , 21, housemaid ex-London, per “Lord Wellington”, s. Sydney, NSW. Married Mr. Richard Treio, also 32, Apr.18, 1831.

1822. Jan.8. Jane Wingfield aka Wood, 17, nursemaid, ex- London per “Providence II”, s. Sydney, NSW.

1832. Mar.15. George Wingfield, 30, widower, plasterer’s mate, ex-Plymouth, Devon, England, s. Sydney, NSW. Brother of James.  Probably the George and James W. twins born April 7, 1799 to Joseph & Sarah Wingfield of Exeter, Devon. (IGI).

1833. John Winfield, 23, ex-Leics, pit sawyer, per “Fairlie”, s. Bathurst, NSW, late 1837. Possibly the John Winfield b. February 14, 1802 at Castle Donington, Leicestershire, son of William & Mary Winfield. (IGI).

1835. April 13. Joseph Winfield, 54, sentenced to 7 years for larceny at Norwich, Norfolk, due for transportation to Australia. (Transportations, op.cit., p.44). NRSI.

Þ1835. John Winfield, farm servant, single, 20, b. Cumberland, per ship “Lady Nugent” to NSW, Australia. Probably son of Hannah Whinfield, c. at Ulpha, September 6, 1815. (Australian Convict Index, 1788-1869, from q. in Genex #15-3-1; IGI).

Þ1836. Joseph Winfield, 57, widower, market gardener in Norfolk, sentenced April 13, 1835, at Norwich, Norfolk, to 7 years for larceny, per ship “Strathsfieldsaye” to NSW, Australia. (Ibid).

1839/71 (unclear). Mary Winyfiled per “Star of the South”, s. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

1840. Aug.17. Catherine Wingfield, 23, Catholic, housemaid, listed as “with no family”, of Co. Kildare, but ex-Co.Wicklow, Ireland, per “Margaret” , s. Sydney, NSW.  Powerscourt is in Co.Wicklow.

Þ1840. Ephraim Winfield, 29, b. Staffordshire, carpenter, per ship “Maitland” to NSW, Australia. (Ibid). Son of John & Penelope Winfield, c. at Newcastle-under-Lyme, May 21, 1809. (Ibid, 1835; IGI).

1842. July 11. William Winkfield sentenced at (King’s) Lynn, Norfolk, to 7 years & transportation to Australia for larceny. (Transportations, op.cit., p.78). NRSI.

1844/1859 (unclear). Harry Wingfield, s. Queensland (?Brisbane).

1844-1859. Many Winfields, “free or (financially) assisted” s. Australia.

Þ1846(+).  Two lines of Wingfield (probably still extant in 2002), apparently s. in NSW; (1) William S. T. Winkfield (b. 1846), m. Mary Jane -- & had 17 children; possibly d. “as of Armidale,” (?) son of Robert and Mary Wingfield; and (2) Charles F. Wingfield, who m. (i) Mary --, and (ii) Lydia --, father of Charles F. Wingfield, II, b. 1859, m. Emily --, d. May 11, 1865, “as of Wooloomooloo.” (Links, 1992, WFS, #1).

Ca. 1848 (?)  John Wingfield (b. Apr.25, 1793), 7th child of Thomas & Margaret Wingfield (nee Noble, m. Dec.6, 1816) of Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland, s. Dunedin, NZ. He m. – Riley or Riley Chalmers, of Inverness, Scotland. (M.I. in NZ). Issue in Auckland.

?1850/56. –McSherra, a stable lad (?of Powerscourt, Co.Wicklow, Ireland), former groom in Ireland (?Co. Wicklow), reportedly eloped with the Hon. Miss Wingfield of Powerscourt, Co.Wicklow, to England, because Miss Wingfield was expecting. Their child, named Susannah Bertha Wingfield, was born on the boat. She married – Sherry and they had six children. One of their descendants, - Sherie (sic), s. in New Zealand. (W.F.S. communications to WFS 1994, Sherie family story). In 1879 Jan/Mar an Arthur Sherry Wingfield was born at Hackney, London (1b,603). See part 1, 1900/1918 (2).

1852. Jan. Charles Wingfield with his family: Ann, Hester, Mary, two males called Charles & an infant, per “Joshua”, s. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

1859. Hannah, Maxine & two males, each called James Winfield s. at --, Australia.

Þ1859. William Wingfield, wheelwright, widower, b. 1824 in Leeds, Yorkshire, per ship “Vimeira” to NSW, Australia. (Ibid, 1835). In Leeds and Barnsley the name was usually spelt “Winfield”.

1864. Oct.24. Mary Wingfield per “Europa” s. in South Australia (?Adelaide).

1873. George Henry Wingfield (Powerscourt-Bray Line), 21, arrived at Sydney, s. at Merriwa then Walgett, NSW, as a jackaroo. Dsp Feb.2, 1884 at Cunnamulla, Queensland of sunstroke. (Letters & Diaries, WFS, 1998, Chapter 21).

1877. William Wingfield (b.1836) of Hurst (Berks) & of Islington (now London), carpet warehouseman, emigrated to NZ via NSW, Australia, per “Waissa” (?) with wife, Martha nee Barnard & their 8 children:  John Edward (b.1864, son Stanley), Henry Barnard (b.1866, parson, dsp), William Hawthorne (b.1867, d. aged 17), Walter Thomas (b.1867); Albert (b.1870, parson, m. Martha Barnard, & s. in Dunedin, then Wellington – line continues, see WFS RN==10502)), Alfred James (b.1871), Ernest Frederick (b.1873) & Percy Ewart (b.1874, s. Ngaio, Wellington). Issue in Dunedin, Wellington & Tonga (Pacific). (Family Bible, R.W.Hawkins).

1914-1918. 18 Winfields s. in Australia.


Part 2B – Africa (incl. Tangier (Morocco), Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), S. Africa & St.Helena).

1664-67(+). Thomas Winkfield, Letheringham-Crowfield line, Cornet of Horse & Quartermaster, served in the Tangier Horse in Tangier (now Morocco). (36 Anecdotes, WFS, 1994, #19).

1679-84. Captains George & Charles Wingfield, Lieutenant John Wingfield & Ensign Owen Wingfield, brothers of Thomas Wingfield of York River, Virginia, served in the Tangier Regiment in Tangier (now Morocco). (36 Anecdotes, #19, WFS video Thomas Wingfield of York River, VA, USA).

1777.  Henry Wingfield, mason’s mate, s. on St.Helena (British crown colony, an island in mid-Atlantic, 1200 miles west of Angola), m. Sep.28, 1777, Cleopatra Preston, widow. Still there as a mason’s mate Oct 28, 1782. (IO, W/6/1, f.22).

1870. Richard William Wingfield (Powerscourt-Bray Line, b. Dec.18, 1849) s. first at Ingaqan, near Ladysmith, South Africa, then Kimberley (1897), Capetown in 1898, then re-emigrated to s. at at Marandellas aka Maranderas, Rhodesia & m. Jessie Kennedy. Issue in South Africa. See 1919/20 & 1933.

1888. Sep.12. Alfred Lancelot Wingfield (b.1870, Tickencote Line, grandfather of Lancelot Hugh Wingfield, WFS, of NJ, USA), s. in South Africa & m. Dorothy Davidson at Letheringham (his house) at Mid-Ilovo, Natal. (36 Anecdotes, #32).

1893. George folliot Wingfield, brother of Alfred (1888), Tickencote Line, s. in Assam, India, d.1903 in Durban, South Africa.

1906. Percy William Wingfield, (b. Dec.4, 1872) s. in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Uncle of William R.M.Wingfield, WFS, of Toronto, Canada).

1919/1920. Lieutenant Richard Mervyn Wingfield, MC, eldest son of Richard W.Wingfield (see 1870), ex-Rhodesia, with wife of 1918, Lynette nee Cowper, s. in Wynberg, Cape Province, South Africa. Male line extinct.

Ca. 1920 (?)  John Anthony David Wingfield (b.July 3, 1905) s. Johannesburg, then Heidelberg, then Knysna, South Africa (Powerscourt Line, uncle of Richard M. Wingfield, WFS of UK) & m. Eileen Melville. Issue: 3 sons b. in 1970s.

1933. Noel Sparks Wingfield, 3rd son of RWW (see 1870), s. Guta, then Arcturus near Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe). Issue.


Part 2C – Elsewhere (incl. Burma (now Myanmar)), continental Europe,

Gibraltar, Greece, India, Pakistan, Portugal & Turkey.

1508-39. Various dates when Sir Robert Wingfield, PC, (sometime Lieutenant and Mayor of Calais), s. in Calais (now France) & in Augsburg (now Germany) & Vienna, Austria. (Some Records, 1936, 38-134).

1511-1525. Various dates when Sir Richard Wingfield, K.G., Marshal of and s. in Calais (now France) & elsewhere on the continent. (Some Records, 1936, pp. 145-226).

1544. Sir Richard Wingfield of Portsmouth, Hants (father of 1st Viscount Powerscourt), prisoner of war for 17 months in Boulogne, France (before ransom paid).

1544-54. Thomas Winkefeld, grandson of Robert Wingfield of Brantham, Suffolk, Letheringham-Crowfield line, ten years in foreign universities – probably in France &/or “Germany” &/or Italy.

1589/90. Hugh aka Huit (?aka Hewitt) Wingfield aka Wynkfelde, son of Robert & Ana Wingfield of Rotherham, Yorkshire, private soldier & “pirate”, per ship the “Gabriel”, escaped from Spanish Inquisition in the Canary Islands, a province of Spain, off  Morocco. NRSI. (WFS Newsletter, XIV, 3 & 4).

1685-1687 (pre-April 3). Beverley Wingfield, merchant, from Stamford, Lincs, s. at Galata, the European side of Constantinople (now Istanbul), Turkey, & died there. 1st cousin of Thomas Wingfield of York River, Virginia. (36 Anecdotes, #20).

1690. To May 1. George Wingfield, factor, ?s. at (buried May 1) at Madras, India. (IO, MAD.B). See 1752.

Pre-1722 – Sep.15, 1723. Ferdinando Wingfield IV, 44, gold merchant, grandson of FW II (great-grandson of Sir Humphrey Wingfield, Speaker of the House of Commons, 1530s) & of Margaret Connye Wingfield, of Bradford Hall, Stanley, Yorks, s. in Lisbon, Portugal. Jailed for gold smuggling. He died in Lisbon. (WFS Newsletter, VI, 1, p.8).

1752. William Wingfield, soldier, ?s. (buried Aug 13), at Madras, India. See 1690.

1755-1857/93. Anthony Wingfield (Onslow-Shropshire line, b. ca. 1838 in Wales), s. in Madras, India. Married Laura  Matilda, Anglo-Indian (b.1857), on Dec 11, 1863.  Sons incl: Anthony Percy W. (b.1869) & Charles Francis Rowland W. (b.1870). See Part I – Americas, 1893. 

1809-10. Charles Wingfield, Shopshire-Oxford line, s. in Calcutta, India as Assistant-Surgeon at the General Hospital. Returned to Headington, Oxford, England, where the Wingfield Convalescent Home (later Orthopaedic Hospital) was in 1872 named for him (& in 1958 hospital name changed to the Nuffield). (IO, L/MIL/9/8/1787; Registrations, WFS, p.21).

1832. William Wingfield c. at Gibraltar (British crown colony, tip of southern Spain). Probably brother of Mary, c. there 1829, & brother of Samuel Wingfield of Malta (see 1836) & of Susanna Wingfield, b. or c. “into” the 53rd Regiment in Plymouth, Devon, England. Father in KSLI (King’s Shropshire Light Infantry). (IBRR, XVII, 1832, 17,22,28,36).

1832. William Wingfield b. or c. at Buttevant, 20 miles north of Cork, Ireland. Father in the 16th (Beds & Herts) Regiment. Doubtless brother of Mary W. b. or c. at Cork “in” the 16th Foot, 1829. (IBRR, vol.935, p.4). See his brother, Reginald W., at 1829 in Part I (Canada).

1832. Sep 3. Thomas Wingfield, seaman of the ship “General Palmer”, 55, buried at Fort William, India. (IO, N/1/34 f.309).

1836. Samuel Wingfield b. or c. “into” the 53rd (KSLI) Regiment in Malta. See 1832 (WW).

1839-66. Sir Charles Wingfield, KCSI, CB, (Wingfield-Digby Wingfield line, b.1820 in England), s. in Oudh State, India, where he was Commissioner 1856, Chief Commissioner 1860, & Wingfield Park, Lucknow was named for him. (F.C.Davers, Memorials of the  Old Haileyburian Regiment).

Ca. 1848-ca. 1859. Dr. William Frederick Wingfield (R.C., 4th son of John Wingfield, D.D., of Worcester) s. at South Gorz near Trieste (now Gorizia, Italy). Had 2 sons, including Edmund b.1853. (Wingfield Millenium, WFS, 2000, Annex, p.20).

1854. John R. Wingfield c. at Corfu. In 1815-64 the island was British. It is now part of Greece. Father with a British-officered Ionian Regiment. One regiment was of deserters & convicts. (IBRR, XI, 221).

1883. June 27. Mabel Beatrice Wingfield (b. June 5), daughter of Matthew & Rosamund Wingfield, c. at Rangoon, Burma (now Myanmar).  Possibly Matthew was c. December 10, 1837 at Elmore, Gloucestershire, 7 miles northwest of Stroud.  (See Part 1, 1813-16.  In Glos the name was usually spelt “Winfield”).

1893, George Folliot Wingfield s. in Assam, India. See Part IIB, 1893.

1935. (ca.).  Desmond Ernest Wingfield, 25, Indian Imperial Police, son of Percy Wingfield, s. at St.Paul’s Church, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India (100 miles east of Delhi), where Oct 20, 1939, he married Anne Catherine Mollie Townshend. Their daughter, Patricia Anne Wingfield, b. Sep 22, 1936 (registered Oct 3) at Shajahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, (200 miles southeast of Delhi); & son John Dennis Townshend Wingfield b. Sep 12, 1939 (registered Sep 16) at Indore (near Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, 500 miles south of Delhi).  (IO, N/1569 f.157, N/1/576 f.226; IO, 1 622 317, N/1/600 f.8388).

1937. Jan 31. Corporal Henry Sidney Wingfield, 13th/18th Hussars, 35, buried at  Rawalpindi, Punjab, India (now in Pakistan). (IO).



[i] This must be Richard Wingfield, Esquire,  who held an office for King James I, Tickencote Line, d.1624. Granted land in Virginia, 1623. (BDEV, p. 3,292, Source B56, p.66 Kingsbury, III, has him with 2 shares). No record of his coming to Virginia.

[ii] Possibly the accountant or factor of Mr. Adams Hardinge.

[iii] Very likely the same William Wingfield, d. 1677 in Charles City Co., father of Jarvis & Robert Wingfield. (Jarvis' mother was a Dix, dau. of Jarvis Dix).

[iv] Immigrant or born in America?  Is first mentioned around 1668, and continues under various spellings to be mentioned until 1698 when he made his will.

[v] Appears to have been 3 miles inland from Antigua's west coast; next to plantations of Bendall, Henghes, Sawcold (?Serocold), Symes, Warner and Williams. On John Luffman’s detailed Survey Antigua & Antiguans, 1787 & 1788 (showing position of planters by surname), Winkfield in not shown, but Thomas Oliver has 3 plantations. 5 Islands Divisions is part of St. John’s Parish near the capital, St. John’s.

[vi] Immigration to Jamaica, WI only. "Took his servants," having sold Crowfield Hall, Suffolk to Hester Browning nee Middleton. She was of Twickenham, Middlesex (by 1697 of St Peters', Barbados (connected families of Warner, Haines, Keble)). It is not stated if he took his family, but most likely: wife Catherine nee Cotton, children: Catherine b. 1666, Charles, c. 1667, Harbottle III, b. 1667.  Harbottle II was Clerk of Court of Common Pleas (1675); JP (1680); Coroner (1683). (Patents Liber 6, 322 (1675) 498-499 & Annex, old 1308/ new (1677); Index to Land Patents 1661-1826, 125/126, 1/B/11, 1674; Frank Cundall, Historic Jamaica, London, 1915, repr. 1971, 1680, 48; W.A. Feurtado, Official & Other personages of Jamaica 1655-1790, Kingston, Jamaica, 1896, Ref. 1023, p. 103. all in JNRO, Spanish Town, Jamaica or Institute of Jamaica, Kingston; and CSP (America & WI, 1683, 494, #1249; Sherwood, The Pedigree Register 1 (BL). House in P. R. abutted Ship Tavern.

[vii] From British historian in Barbados, Peter Campbell, John Wingfield of Nevis (see 1677-78 entry) is believed to be the John Wingfield  (who married dau. of George Nore, merchant (she d. pre-1677?) who is mentioned in 1694 will. Nore was then living in New Providence Island, Bahamas. (Note families of  Shorey (?Storey), Kerble (?Keeble),  Arthur Middleton of South Carolina (a Philip Middleton lived on New Providence in 1698 – St Peter’s Barbados will of Sep. 17, 1709, of Daniel Browning nee Middleton & husband Daniel Middleton, 1697, proved 1709). See entries for 1683, 1684, 1694, 1709. source, Peter F. Campbell; Michael Craton, A History of the Bahamas, London, 1962, pp.87, 90-91.

[viii] Note families of Henry Morgan, Cox, Daniel Banister, Bruster, Bridgewater (see 1687 below), John Raynell (Geo Nore will, 1677, Barbados,  had a William Renell & a John Wingfield). In 1632 Thomas Wingfield, son of Sergeant Sargent Wingfield, was married 20th Sept. at St. Mary's, Colchester, Essex to Anna K. Doylie, a family intermarried with Stonham Aspal (Suffolk) Wingfields. In 1647 a Sergeant Sargent Wingfield was baptised on 4th April at Great Burstead, Essex (Ref: IGI, Essex). This surely proves the Essex (& Suffolk) Wingfield link with Nevis and South Carolina.

[ix] See the 1677 and 1677-78 entries above. There are no Wingfields in the Barbados Census of 1715.

[x] Tickencote line, c. 29 Mar. 1664, St Benet's, Paul's Wharf, London. Progenitor of many American Wingfields.  (St Benet's Church register; Wingfield Muniments). The plantation where his headright was claimed lay not far from Virginia’s King and Queen County Courthouse and the site of today’s Mattaponi Baptist Church (where Thomas’ memorial now stands).

[xi] He is surely the son of 1677-78 Sergant Wingfield. Dropped the "g " in Wingfield.

[xii]  Augustine Wingfield, Jr., possibly son of Cromwell's commissar for Middlesex, 1653.

[xiii] The plantation where Gilbert & family went was documented as "Morocosick Bridge," which is to the north and northeast of today's roadbridge for the I-627 over the Mattaponi, 3 miles southeast of Salvia (modern spelling "Maracossic Creek") that forms a border between King & Queen County and Caroline County. Believe connects with Gilbert Wingfield 1615 m. Elizabeth Partridge at Debenhan next to Letheringham (IGI, Suffolk), & Sir Harbottle Wingfield I's brother, Gilbert, fl.1588/1623.

[xiv] In 1690, Augustine Wingfield, in same county, witnessed deed for a Joan Baker. Augustine Wingfield may have been son of Augustine Wingfield, Sr., who was commissioner for Oliver & Richard Cromwell's government in England. Augustine Wingfield, Sr., also had a son named Henry – possibly HW at 1686 above.

[xv] Immigrant or born in America? She willed her property as follows: "All my land in Providence in the West Indies," etc., to her daughter,  Sarah Taliaferro, of Rappahannock River, Virginia and to her daughter's three children, Richard, Martha and Mary Tolliver (Taliaferro). Died in Boston, MA. (36 Anecdotes, WFS, #23).

[xvi] Here "& Co." surely means “and William’s group" – rather than just his family, or that he had a Company called William Wingfield and Company.

[xvii] Will was written in London and administered in London.

[xviii] Believed died in England pre-1845. Wingfield Point & Basin, Bruce Co., ONT named for him.

[xix] Of Tickencote Branch, d. 1873 in Norwich, England.

[xx] Lived or staged in Canada, IL, IA, IN, MO, MI.  Planned s. at Moscow, Iowa; ?d. in UK.

[xxi] In Canada 1832-36 & 1838-41, CO 1839, dsp South Luffenham, England, 1858. Tickencote Branch.

[xxii] Customs Officer 1865, poet 1873, m. Margt. Malcolmson, 2 sons, 2 daus.

[xxiii] James’s & Isabella’s children were:  1. James; 2. Mary, b. ca. 1826; 3. Ann, b. ca. 1827; 4. Janet, b. ca. 1828;         5. Marion, b. ca. 1832; 6. Elizabeth, b. ca. 1838.  In 1894 George m. Mary Beamish & had issue:  1. George; 2. Charles; 3. Mary; 4. Janet. (Whyte).

[xxiv] Of Tickencote Branch, b. 1849, Glatton, Hunts, dsp 1896.

[xxv] Died at San Diego, CA. in Sep. 1931. Dau. Gladys m. Wm Booth, RAF, at Guildford, England and had emigrated to British Columbia, Canada by 1936. Their dau. m..-- Cumming.

[xxvi] Brother of Anthony Percy Wingfield (b.1869), Frank had 2 daughters living in Holywood, one m. to – Rose, the other d. in 1950.

[xxvii] Possible WWs were born at Bourn, Kensington (London), Chesterfield & Spalding.

[xxviii] Possible WWs were born at Sheffield, Lambeth (London) & Walford. HW was possibly HW born Jan 21, dau. of Wm. & Susannah Wingfield at East Bridgford, Notts. (IGI).

[xxix] Probably William Henry Winkfield b. 1st quarter of 1882 at nearby West Ham (Vol. 4a, p. 150).

[xxx] Bert was m. to Florence Hall of Wales; 3 sons b. Beloeuil, Quebec, all s. Montreal. Louise has adult son.